Ministry of Health Belize


Apr 21st
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Home Plan 2009 - 2011 (BHIS)
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Belize Health Information System Unit Plan 2009 - 2011


Redefined roles and responsibilities of BHIS system users

We plan to:

  • Define roles and duties
  • Develop performance
  • Create plan to address skills gaps
  • Revise, update and/or create Standard Operating Procedures
  • Revise, update and/or create Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

The establishment of highly specialized reporting dashboards to provide the offices of the CEO, DHS, and RHMTs with data and information necessary to make informed decisions

We plan to:

  • Assess requirement management information
  • Design and develop dashboards
  • Implement specialized dashboard system
  • Train in use of dashboards
Expanded Belize Health Information System via the integration with the Vital registration System and WINSIG

We plan to:

  • Assess Vital Registration System using WHO Vital Registration Assessment tool
  • Create strategic plan for the integration of the Vital Registration and Belize Health Information Systems
  • Design integrated system (VRS/BHIS)
  • Develop and test Vital Registration and Belize Health Information Systems
  • Design integrated system (WINSIG/BHIS)

Enhanced information and communication technology infrastructure

We plan to:

  • Design security systems
  • Develop and implement strengthened security data networks using virtual private network technologies

Improved data management systems

We plan to:

  • Design and implement national metadata dictionary for data standardization across the health system
  • Design and implement a national data repository for management and disseminate of information across the health system
  • Train in the use of the data repository and metadata

Strengthened human resources capacity in ICT

We plan to:

  • Train personnel in the use of reporting dashboard
  • Train personnel in the integrated system interfaces
  • Train personnel in the use of the national metadata and national data repository