Ministry of Health Belize


Apr 21st
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Ministry of Health Administrative Division Plan 2009 - 2011


Improved service delivery through effective and efficient recruitment process

We plan to:

  • Develop job specifications for newly created positions
  • Review and update existing job specifications
  • Fill approved positions
  • Develop a mechanism for processing of submissions

Improved coordination with main stakeholders to align and harmonize Human Resource issues

 We plan to:

  • Develop a timetable for meetings with stakeholders (Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Health, REO/MOH, RHMT, Administrative Officer of the Ministry of Public Service)
  • Develop format for conducting meetings with respective stakeholders
  • Disseminate results of meetings

Effective management of Human Resources in Health data through the use of the Belize Health Information System/Human Resource module

We plan to:

  • Advocate for the accessibility and training of Belize Health Information (BHIS)/Human Resource (HR) module
  • Implement BHIS/HR module

Human Resource development

We plan to:

  • Develop training package for Regional Management Teams
  • Develop training package for Ministry of Health administrative staff
  • Advocate for implementation of training packages