Ministry of Health Belize


May 25th
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Message from the CEO

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Most Ministries of Health do not truly preside over health systems as such - they preside over systems that provide treatment for the illnesses that they have been unable to prevent. Most of the things that people get sick and die from every day are preventable and the people who most frequently suffer from these preventable ailments are the poor and the vulnerable. While retaining our focus on the delivery of quality health care services to the individual, we must also fight to promote 'wellness' in our general population. This is a challenge which no organisation can accomplish alone. We must build partnerships between government and non government agencies, the private sector and local communities. Working together we can identify innovative and effective solutions to better serve our people. On behalf of all the dedicated Belizeans who strive to provide quality health care services around the clock to all our people, welcome to the official web site of the Ministry of Health. Your thoughts, ideas and comments are also welcome as we continuously strive to improve the service that we offer.


 Dr. Peter Allen DDS MPH