Ministry of Health Belize


Mar 23rd
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Objectives 2009-2011 

1.      The use of Geographic Information Systems in disease surveillance and population health monitoring strengthened through increased availability of spatially oriented data.

2.      Implementation of the Provider Initiated Vital Registration System ensured to improve the timeliness and completeness of birth and death registration.

3.      Surveillance of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD), Accidents and Injuries strengthened to improve reporting of NCD indicators.

4.      Mortality Surveillance strengthened to ensure accuracy in mortality statistics of the country.

5.      Communicable Disease Surveillance, Early Detection and Rapid Response capacity strengthened to adequately respond to communicable diseases such as Pandemic Influenza and other public health emergencies.

6.      Laboratory Based Surveillance strengthened in support of Communicable Disease Surveillance.

7.      Compliance with the International Health Regulations (2005) core capacity requirements ensured.

8.      The national multisectoral health information system strengthened utilizing the Health Metrics Network national assessment results for formulation and implementation of a national 5 year strategic plan.

9.      Routine assessment and auditing of surveillance processes and data quality strengthened to inform the development of strategies to address identified limitations.

10.  Dissemination and use of surveillance data and health statistics in decision making, policy development, and setting research priorities strengthened.