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Apr 22nd
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Belize Health Information System

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The Belize Health Information System (BHIS) is a dynamic, comprehensive tool that will help to assist the Ministry of Health in providing the best health care services in the quickest, most affordable and efficient way to Belizeans.

The BHIS is being developed by Accesstec  Inc., a Canadian Consulting Company.  This company is using the strengths of the already existing National Health Information System along with ACSiS (Accesstec Capacity Strengthening Information System) to build an even more effective, confidential and secure system by utilizing newer technologies available to software developers and process improvement companies.

Accesstec and the Ministry of Health believes that by transforming innovative ideas into reality, an even more all inclusive tool will be developed to help in the national health reform process.  The drive towards the development of this new system will inevitably produce better health services that ultimately lead to a healthier population.  Doctors and nurses will be able to quickly and efficiently analyze current data and managers will be able to make important strategic decisions based on the information that will be readily available from the BHIS.

The benefits of this new, dynamic, all inclusive application will be felt not only in the nation's hospitals but everywhere.  The BHIS will collect data from the various sectors of the Ministry of Health and will act as a central repository for the critical information that flows in and out of the Ministry of Health.  The Belize Health Information System is also the only system in the world that will integrate the entire health sector of Belize effectively destroying the gaps that are existing between many “stand alone health applications” that are not comprehensive enough to incorporate all the various components of a health care system.  Belize and Accesstec believes that Belize is becoming the pioneer in creating an affordable, efficient, effective and confidential computer system that will be sustained in Belize, by Belizeans for the benefit of every Belizean throughout the length and breath of this wonderful country. Given the level of expertise that have been utilized in the analysis, design and development of the BHIS, this system will be a very affordable software that will aid in the delivery of equitable and efficient health care services in Belize.

To date, modules of the Belize Health Information System have been installed and are functioning in fifteen facilities throughout Belize.  The modules and facilities that are currently active are:

1. Modules:

  1. Admission and Discharge and Transfer module
  2. Clinician Order Entry module
  3. Laboratory module
  4. Supply Chain Management
  5. Pharmacy
  6. HIV/AIDS module
  7. Human Resources

2. Implemented facilities:

  1. Corozal Community Hospital
  2. Northern Regional Hospital
  3. Zenovia Meggs Health Center
  4. Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital
  5. Cleopatra White Poly Clinic
  6. Matron Roberts Poly Clinic
  7. San PEdro Poly Clinic
  8. Caye Caulker Health Center
  9. Port Loyola Health Center
  10. Ladyville Health Center
  11. Hattieville Health Center
  12. Central Laboratory
  13. Central Medical Stores
  14. Western Regional Hospital
  15. San Ignacio Community Hospital
  16. Georgeville Health Center
  17. Southern Regional Hospital
  18. Punta Gorda Community Hospital
  19. San Antonio Poly Clinic
  20. San Pedro Columbia Poly Clinic
  21. Big Falls Health Center
  22. Bella Vista Health Center
  23. Hopkins Health Center
  24. Pomona Health Center
  25. Independence Poly Clinic
  26. BCVI Clinics (5 clinics)
  27. Belize Defence Force (2 sites)
  28. Kolbe Foundation (Central Prison)
  29. Hand-in-Hand Ministries (NGO)
  30. Helpage (NGO)
  31. Central Region (administration)
  32. Ministry of Health (administration)
  33. Private Suppliers of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals (14 companies)

View the Belize Health Information System Documentary:

Click on the attachment below for more information on the Belize Health Information System Brochure:

Download this file (BHISBooklet02.pdf) BHIS Brochure



Download this file (BHISBooklet02.pdf)BHISbooklet[BHIS Boolet]2805 Kb