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Mar 20th
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Procedures for Importing Pharmaceuticals

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The importation of pharmaceuticals and controlled pharmaceuticals into Belize is a process that is governed by the Competent Authority of Belize, the Director of health Services of the Ministry of Health.

The importation of Antibiotics is regulated by law under the Antibiotic Act and the importation of controlled pharmaceuticals is governed by the Misuse of Drugs Act, in conjunction with International Conventions on Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances.

Based on the existing legislations, the management and coontrol of pharmaceuticals is done under the supervision of a registered Pharmacist.  A registered Pharmacist is a person who is registered under the Chemist and Druggist Act of Belize.  In order to improve the efficiency of the importation process of Pharmaceuticals and controlled Pharmaceuticals, the following Standard Operational Procedure has been developed to guide the process and to ensure that it is done in an efficient and effective manner.


There are two documents that outline procedures for pharmaceutical importation: one for importation into the country of Belize and one for importation through the medical missions.

Click on words to access either of the documents.

SOP for Pharmaceutical Importation in Belize

SOP for Pharmaceutical Importation through Medical Mission