Ministry of Health Belize


Mar 23rd
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Home Plan 2009 - 2011
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Central Medical Laboratory Plan 2009 - 2011


Quality management of medical laboratory services to the Belizean populace improved

We plan to:

  • Advocate for funds from MOH HIV program and other donor agencies for the renovation of CML
  • Fill post
  • Quarterly quality management workshop
  • Monitor and evaluate labs countrywide
  • Procure new upgraded equipments

Increased capacity in district and regional hospitals to level II laboratory service

We plan to:

  • Advocate for extension of labs in the district through global fund, MOH, and other donor agencies
  • Furnish lab with upgraded equipments
  • Capacity building workshops to sensitize staff on policies, manuals, and SOPs (ISO Standards 15189)

Human resource training and development

We plan to:

  • Request for permission to fill all existing vacant post
  • Design a training and development plan
  • Identify staff who display potential to attend attachment course or UTEC
  • Request for funding from MOH to support attachment course/UTEC
  • Fill new posts
The Blood donation and transfusion service strengthened through the provision of safe and available blood

We plan to:

  • Equip unit with upgraded equipments
  • Develop policies
  • Educate/sensitize public on safe blood donation
  • Activate Club 25
  • Link blood transfusion lab to BHI
  • Regular blood drives
Central Medical laboratory increased collaboration and coordination with the Epidemiology Unit in an effort to respond to the National Epidemiological Surveillance System 

We plan to:

  • Support surveillance of diseases by having available the lab supplies and reagents to perform testing for FBD, TB, etc.