Ministry of Health Belize


Mar 20th
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Home Plan 2009 - 2011
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Mental Health Program Strategic Plan 2009 - 2011


Human resources development

We plan to:

  • Establish a mental health unit within the Ministry of Health
  • Recruit staff for management and coordination of the Mental Health program
  • Recruit appropriate mix of staff to improve the delivery of mental health at a national and district level
  • Annual training of the mental health staff
  • Implement Mental Health Policy

Management of mental disorders improved

We plan to:

  • Decrease the number of psychiatric hospitalizations
  • Improve Mental Health Information System
  • Increase the number of new OPD cases of schizophrenia and depression
  • Integrate mental heath into primary care
  • Acute mental health unit at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and all districts and regional hospitals

Psychosocial rehabilitation improved

We plan to:

  • Mental health advocacy
  • Increase the community and outreach programs
  • Reduce homeless psychiatric patients
  • Develop individualized treatment programs

Disaster management improved

We plan to:

  • Coordinate Mental Health Disaster Management Plan
  • Disseminate plan among relevant stakeholders
  • Train health care providers on the normal emotional reactions to disasters
  • -      Provide training to first responders on psychological first aid

Prevention and promotion of mental disorders improved

We plan to:

  • Conduct a mental well being survey of the health care providers working in the public sector
  • Develop interventions to address the well being of public health care providers
  • Provide training to health professionals in how to improve mental well being
  • Decrease the rate of attempted suicide among adolescents
  • Train healthcare providers in early detection of depression and anxiety
  • School health programs for children at risk
  • Observe World Mental Health Day