Ministry of Health Belize


Jun 21st
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Home Plan 2009 - 2011
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Policy Analysis & Planning Unit Strategic Plan 2009 - 2011


Strengthened evidence-based planning capacity of the Ministry of Health

To achieve the vision and to accomplish the mission of the Ministry of Health is necessary to develop and implement evidence based strategic and operational plans at National, Regional and local levels complemented by a sound management health information system in place.

We plan to:

  • Develop strategic planning process for the Ministry of Health
  • Develop Service Level Agreements  manual
  • Develop 2010 BHSP
  • Facilitate functionality of WINSIG in the Health Regions and Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital
  • Develop and utilize revised performance based indicators  for PCP evaluation
  • Develop National Reporting System
Improved development of competent, culturally appropriate and motivated workforce

The health system depends on the health workforce.  Human Resources in Health are the most vital element to carry the provision of health care services to the population

We plan to:

  • Develop 5-year Human Resources Development Plan
  • Implement retention plan
  • Establish Ministry of Health Human Resources in Health Unit

Improved performance of the health system through policy analysis and policy development

Health policy-making systematically translates and applies the decision-making of the Ministry of Health for the implementation of health care delivery with quality, equity and efficiency.

We plan to:

  • Define framework for health policy making
  • Review existing health policies
  • Define essential health policies
  • Formulate new policies to fill identified gaps
  • Policy promotion and dissemination.
Increased capacity of the ministry of health in international cooperation in health

We plan to:

  • Establish and maintain a  database of Ministry of Health international cooperation partners
  • Establish and maintain a database of all international, regional and sub-regional agreements to which the Ministry of Health is a signatory
  • Monitor and evaluate all activities conducted by the Ministry of Health in international cooperation in health  
  • Establish a framework for Public- Private partnership in health

Efficiency of health programs, conditions and interventions improved through economic  evaluations

We plan to:

  • Complete/develop fifteen economic evaluations
  • Complete/develop two Burden of Illness studies
National Health goals in the Ministry of Health achieved through the optimal use and mobilization of resources 

We plan to:

  • Institutionalize National Health Accounts
  • Identify core health expenditure indicators and incorporate in relevant Social Insurance Board studies
  • Complete ten health expenditure reports
  • Develop resource mobilization

Research development promoted at central and regional level to improve the quality of health care services

We plan to:

  • Define priority research areas of the Ministry of Health
  • Develop research proposals
  • Network with international partners for one research grant