Ministry of Health Belize


Mar 23rd
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Home Plan 2009 - 2011
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Pharmacy Program Plan 2009 - 2011


National Medicine Policy

We plan to:

  • Establish National Drug Policy Committee
  • Develop policy “National Drug Policy” document
  • Disseminate Draft National Drug Policy document
  • Obtain political support for the National Drug Policy

Improved access to pharmaceuticals

We plan to:

  • Basket of indicator drugs selected in accordance with the epidemiology profiles of Belize, to determine the availability
  • Assess the availability of Basket of indicator drugs by reviewing the physical balance and the recorded balances
  • Conduct assessment of the drug dispensed versus the prescribed drug
  • Conduct analysis of the physical balance versus the recorded balance to determine the inventory status
  • Determine average stock out period for the Basket of indicator drugs
  • Perform ABC analysis of the Basket of indicators drugs


Quality of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies improved

We plan to:

  • Conduct physical check on the stock on hand to determine if there are expired medicines stored on the shelves
  • Assess the storage or conservation conditions of the medicines
  • Develop list of approved manufacturers
  • Obtain samples from both the public and private sector for submission to the regional laboratory (CRDTL)
  • Conduct inspection of public and private facilities to determine legal compliance with the laws
  • Establish a mechanism for the reporting of adverse drug reactions

Rational drug use improved

We plan to:

  • Launch the National Drug Formulary and presentation of the terms of reference for the drugs and therapeutic committee
  • Conduct drug utilization review
  • Determine if the labels on medicine is in accordance with standard requirement
  • Interview patients to determine level of knowledge on how to take medicines
  • Assess the number of medicine prescribed per encounter versus the medicine dispensed
  • Determine the percentage of drugs prescribed as per drug formulary
  • Assess the availability of the drug formulary and use thereof

Regulatory and quality assurance improved

We plan to:

  • Obtain list of drugs imported from the private suppliers
  • Obtain samples from public and private sectors for submission to the regional laboratory
  • Announce the enforcement of the law as it relates to the sales of antibiotic and prescriptions drugs
  • Pursue to passage of the Pharmacy Act, the Control of Pharmaceutical Act and the Precursor Acts
  • Conduct pharmacists registration examinations on behalf of the Director of Heath services
  • Meet with the herbal association to develop plan for the control of Herbal Medicines
  • Pharmaceutical establishments approved by the Licensing and Accreditation Unit