Ministry of Health Belize


Apr 21st
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The Ministry of Health has identified the following national goals:

  1. To ensure universal access to an agreed upon set of health services of acceptable quality, utilizing the strategy of primary health care.
  2. To ensure survival and healthy development of children and adolescents.
  3. To improve the health, well-being and development for all men and women in such a way that health disparities between social groups are reduced.
  4. To enable all people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles and behavior.
  5. To enable universal access to safe and healthy environments and living conditions.
  6. To eradicate, eliminate or control major diseases constituting national health problems.
  7. To reduce avoidable disabilities through appropriate preventive and rehabilitation measures.
  8. To strengthen policy, planning, information systems, organization and management in the public sector, in partnership with the private sector.
  9. To improve efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in the use of all resources ( financial, material and human ).
  10. To ensure the ongoing viability and sustainability of the health sector, both public and private.

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