Ministry of Health Belize


Apr 22nd
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Home Service Areas Maternal & Child Health

Maternal & Child Health Program

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The program is established with the purpose of facilitating a health care environment where there is an improved access, coverage and quality of basic care for mothers and children.

Services Provided are:

  1. Pre and Postnatal integrated health care for women: this includes the monitoring and management of normal pregnancy, gynecological and obstetric pathologies
  2. Child Health: - Vaccination of children against immuo preventable diseases
    - Provision of micronutrients for children namely – vitamin A and iron supplements
    - Surveillance of immuno - preventable diseases in children
    - The prevention and control of HIV transmission from mother-to-child
    - Prevention and control of Acute Respiratory Infections
  3. Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

The aim of this service is to provide reproductive health care based on specific reproductive health needs of individuals and the community.

The services are delivered through a network of eight urban and thirty-seven rural health centers that are staffed by Public Health Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Rural Health Nurses, Domestic Auxiliaries and Driver/Mechanics. Community Nursing Aides and Traditional Birth Attendants form an important link between the programme and the community.