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Apr 21st
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Home Service Areas National Drug Abuse Control Council Annual Reports

National Drug Abuse Control Council

NDACC Operational Plan Overview

NDACC Operational Plan Overview


The overall objective is to strengthen the capacity of NDACC as a lead Agency in the prevention and control of drug abuse.

We plan to:
•    Provide each office with adequate equipment and materials
•    Provide all staff members adequate training
•    Provide the Council an adequate administrative and technical structure

Provide comprehensive School and Community Programs based on drug education for drug abuse prevention and control

We plan to:
•    Provide an integrated drug abuse prevention and control content and methodology into the curriculum at all education levels
•    Provide quality education and prevention programs in schools and the community
•    Provide adequate training to school administrators, teachers, counselors and the community in drug abuse prevention and education

Integrate an effective management and Supervisory Board to oversee, monitor, evaluates and certifies Rehabilitation Center

We plan to:
•    Provide holistic care to drug and alcohol dependents utilizing the Standard of Care for management and follow-up treatment centers
•    Promote adequate standards of care for treatment centers
•    Establish and provide support for reintegration into society of former substance abusers
•    Maintain excellent communication with the treatment centers by providing adequate information and support

Strengthen the legal framework

We plan to:
•    Provide a comprehensive and appropriate legal reform framework for drug abuse (National Substance Abuse Policy)
•    Provide minor drug related offenders a Drug Court to handle their cases
•    Provide support to the National Tobacco Bill, National Alcohol Policy
•    Provide guidance in the establishment of Minimum standards of Care for Rehabilitation and Treatment Services

Strengthen the area of research and information towards having adequate and informed information for decision making, proper planning and adequate utilization of resources

We plan to:
•    Provide a database of information in relation to surveys.  This will assist planners in developing effective programs based on the needs of the community
•    Provide drug related data regarding:
1.    Number of institutions involved in supply and demand reduction
2.    Consumption rates by sex, age, type of drug and demand
3.    Efficiency of programs implemented by each strategic area

Areas of the Ministry of Health Strategic Objective that ties in with the Overall National Drug Abuse Control Council Operational Plan

Strategic Objective 1:- Integrated Health Services Based on Primary Health Care for Improved Health outcomes

Strategic Objective 6:- Development of Quality improvement frame work to ensure stakeholder accountability


Introduction, NDACC

Introduction, NDACC

National Drug Abuse Control Council of Belize, NDACC-Belize, is a governmental organization, under the Ministry of Health. It has six main programme areas namely:

Drug Prevention

Public Education

Research & Information

Legal Reform

Community Empowerment



NDACC-Belize Objective:

NDACC aims to reduce both the demand and supply of drugs, and to alleviate the consequences associated with licit and illicit drug use and trafficking.

NDACC-Belize Mission:

NDACC’s Mission statement is "to create a society free from the abuse of drugs while advancing the good health and moral well-being of the nation". This is the vision that it is striving towards.