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Sep 23rd
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Home Vacancies Terms of Reference, Technical Advisor for HECOPAB

Terms of Reference, Technical Advisor for HECOPAB

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Technical Advisor

Health Education and Health Promotion

Job Title: Technical Advisor- HECOPAB- Health Education and Community Participation Bureau

Reports to: The Director of Health Services

Job Summary: The Health Education and Community Participation Bureau (HECOPAB) is the health promotion arm of the Ministry of Health with responsibility to plan, coordinate and implement health promotion programs, projects, interventions and activities throughout Belize. The Unit is responsible for the designing and distribution of visual aids, utilization of mass media for the sharing of information, skills development through training, and the promotion of the primary health care principles and concept. The unit is also task with the responsibilities to advocate for the development of policies promoting and maintaining health practices, knowledge, and attitudes which impact positively on the health status and quality of life of the population. It promotes active community participation in the development of health policies and programs designed to benefit the general population, especially target groups and to foster the principle of partnership and multi-selector collaboration, recognize the value of partnership in the promotion and maintenance of optimum health and encourage the building of alliances with Government Ministries and Departments and Non-Governmental Organizations. The Technical Advisor (TA) for Health Education and Promotion provides technical program oversight and support to the HECOPAB Units. The TA operates out of the Ministry of Health Headquarters in Belmopan.


1.    Master’s Degree in Health Education/Health Promotion, or Masters in Public Health, or related field is preferred.
2.    Experience and capability in research and evaluation methodologies
3.    Good analytical, interpersonal and communication skills
4.    Competent in use of computers and basic computer programs such as excel, Word, PowerPoint.
5.    Ability to use wide range of data to inform program and policy considerations.
6.    Ability to produce high quality reports.
7.    Experience in project development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation methodologies.
8.    Proven ability to be a team leader.
9.    Being bi-lingual is an asset (English and Spanish)

Professional Experience: At least three (3) years of experience in the field of Health Education, Health Promotion, or related field.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•    Advises the Director of Health Services on relevant issues pertaining to Health Education and Health Promotion.
•    Assists the Office of the Director of Health Services in policy formulation.
•    Participates in the development of National Budgets.
•    Coordinates the development of technical norms, standards and protocols.
•    Assists in the development of regional and national program plans.
•    Monitors and evaluates program performance at local and regional level.
•    Facilitates training in areas of expertise.
•    Supports the regions in the implementation of health fairs.
•    Travels to off-site location routinely and as needed.

•    Any other relevant duties that may be assigned.


Salary: Contract Gratuity Basis